5 Common Benefits Of Having A Water Softener

For those of you who have dealt with hard water when handling your cleaning, then you already know how difficult it can be to use hard water. Hard water includes contaminants and a heavy buildup of minerals which make it difficult to achieve the desired results and within the scheduled time.

As if that not enough, such water results in clog build up in pipes which means lesser water flow and possible damage to the water heating system and the water piping. To avoid such problems, I recommend installing a water softener. So let’s have a look at some of the common benefits of having a water softener.

What is a water softener?

Before having a look at the benefits of a water softener, let’s begin by having a look at what a water softener is

A water softener is a unit that helps to soften water. It does this by removing minerals such as magnesium and calcium that result in hard water. As a result, you expect to gain the following benefits once you install one of these in your home.

1. Softer hair and skin

Have you ever washed your hair and body and noted dry and dull hair as well as an itchy skin? If that is the case, you probably thought that this was as a result of the soap and decided to change it, but it never worked. If that’s right, the problem that arose might be as a result of using hard water.

The reason is that hard water contains some minerals which react with certain types of hair and skin resulting in dry and irritated skin as well as dry and frizzier hair. To avoid such instances, you can install a water softener so that it can remove such minerals and thereby result in softer skin and hair.

2. Save money as a result of lower energy bills

Hard water contains high amounts of minerals which interfere with heat transfer. In fact, the scale from hard water can build up in the pipes thereby reducing the efficiency of the water heater. The result is that water takes more time to heat up which means higher energy bills at your end. To avoid this, you can install a water softener so that it can remove the minerals and thereby help the water to heat faster to guarantee lower energy bills.

3. Save time

Besides saving money, using a water softener can help you save time. The reason behind this is that unlike hard water, soft water lather fasts and doesn’t result in scale build up. This means that you will use less time cleaning your clothes and dishes and lesser time when rinsing them since you will not be required to scrub out the white residue.

4. Softer, cleaner, and brighter clothes

Another advantage of using a water softener is that it results in softer and brighter clothes. Why does this happen anyway? The simple reason is that softening the water enables it to lather fast and better yet, eliminate the chances for scale buildup. As a result, the lathered water can help you clean the clothes efficiently while having not to deal with scale eliminates the chances of stains resulting due to the white residue.

5. Extend the life of all water appliances and the plumbing system

Do you want to extend the life of your water appliances and plumbing system? If so, I recommend that you install a water softener. The reason is that a water softener helps to eliminate the minerals that result in scale buildup. As a result, you do not have to worry about pipes clogging, which means less tear and wear and thus a longer life of the plumbing system.


There you have it, the top five benefits of installing a water softener. If you are looking forward to purchasing the best water softener, you can get an idea of the best model once you read some of the water softener reviews. So, avoid being left behind and purchase the right unit for your home so that you can discover a great improvement when handling chores that require you to use water.

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